Tiyo Soga: A literary history


Joanne Ruth Davis
University of South Africa


Tiyo ‘Zisani’ Soga was a prominent yet little-studied 19th-century African intellectual. Born in 1831 in free Xhosa lands, the son of a counsellor to the Xhosa chief Ngqika, Soga completed his degree at the Andersonian Institute in Glasgow in 1854 and was ordained as a minister in the United Presbyterian Church of Scotland in 1856. He returned to the Eastern Cape with his Scots bride, Janet née Burnside, as an active minister, prolific writer, and translator.

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Author Biography

Joanne Ruth Davis, University of South Africa

Joanne Ruth Davis is an African literary theorist. This book,  Tiyo Soga: A Literary History won the Hiddingh-Currie Award for Academic Excellence in 2019. She has published other academic papers on Soga, as well as African and African American women's literature, archival research and the odd poem. She lives in London with her young family.  She currently does project research work. Website: jokiki.com


Cover for Tiyo Soga: A literary history
June 13, 2018