Transito: The truth behind the big-money robberies


Hennie Lochner
University of South Africa
Peet Van Staden


The revelations in this book are critical for cash in transit (CIT) companies, financial services industries and criminal justice system alike. Propelled by excessive greed, CIT robberies are executed ruthlessly with no respect for human life. The book epitomises and demonstrates how ‘the love of money could be root cause of evil’. The book will assist the stakeholders within the criminal justice system to circumvent the stratagems of these robbers and mete out punishment proportional to the crime.

With one of the authors having used convicts of CIT crimes as participants for a PhD study, he solicited data from the lived experiences of CIT robbers that reveal their modus operandi, which is crucial to combat these robberies. The authors reveal how CIT robbers meticulously plan and execute their ambushes collaborating with the sophisticated network of accomplices. These include the police informers, insiders who work for the CIT companies, professional car thieves, cell phone technicians, suppliers of illegal ammunition like the AK47 and sangomas among others.

The book reveals the patience of the robbers in doing surveillance, intelligence work and knowing how much money is being transported as they do not just strike for little cash. The authors report that CIT robbers are afraid of sophisticated technology like the use of DNA analysis for evidence in court, helicopters which can easily locate where they are as well as the high level of training of CIT security officers. As such, the book is a timely publication that provides information to combat CIT crimes.

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Author Biographies

Hennie Lochner, University of South Africa

Hennie Lochner is an independent researcher researcher, who was previously a senior researcher at the University of South Africa. He specialises in advanced crime intelligence and crime scene investigation. He obtained his doctorate on the use of modus operandi information for the investigation of cash in transit robberies. He has published widely in accredited journals and has writtne several books. In his career as a policeman spanning 28 years he investigated various crimes before commanding  the provincial crime unit investigating taxi violence and serious and violent crimes in the Limb[popo province, South Africa. He has patented the Lochner Principle as an academic and investigative trademark, which is internationally regarded as one of the four principles on which crime investigation is based.

Peet Van Staden

Peet van Staden is an author and award-winning journalist. In a media career spanning 46 years he held several executive positions in the television, newspaper and radio industries. He served on several panels compiling principles and norms for the media in South Africa and internationally. He has authored or contributed to several non-fiction books, magazines, and occasional publications in both English and Afrikaans. He is also anovelist and writer of short stories.

Cover for Transito: The truth behind the big-money robberies
July 20, 2020