Practical and Critical Issues in Open Distance Learning


Annekie Nndowiseni Ravhudzulo (ed)
University of South Africa


Open distance learning (ODL) is a viable solution for higher education in the context of developing countries. The authors map the field of distance education and its sociopolitical context, uncovers key debates surrounding learner support, and provides practical demonstrations of e-learning and mobile technology. The diverse contributions reflect flexible, dynamic and innovative teaching and learning approaches suitable for policy makers, curriculum developers, academics and researchers. The contributors critically explore various systems, policies and often disparate issues that govern an ODL institution. The book addresses both practical and theoretical aspects of curriculum design, postgraduate student support, as well as the experiences of students with disabilities, via ODL.

The book spans 3 parts, with the following chapters:
Part I: Critical Issues in Open Distance Learning
1: Critical Issues and Changing Practices in Open Distance Learning (Sibusiso C Ndlangamandla)
2: The Role of Open Distance Learning in Promoting Higher Education (Ndileleni Paulinah Mudzielwana)
3: From Correspondence to Open Distance Learning: A Unisa Lecturer’s Perspective (Gerda Ferreira)
4 :The Design and Development of Curriculum in ODL (Willa Louw)
5: The Use of Multiple-Choice Questions as an Assessment Method: A Unisa Case Study (Matlakalana Sarah Tshesane)
6: Some Considerations for Policy Issues in Distance Education in the South African Context (Azwinndini Christopher Tshivhase)
7: Open and Distance Learning in Sub-Saharan Africa: Promises and Threats (Dele Braimoh)
Part II: Supporting ODL Students
8: The Experiences of Students with Disabilities at the University of South Africa: Efforts at Promoting a Positive Student Experience (Sivalingum Moodley)
9: Effective Learner Support Or Not (Anniekie Ravhudzulo)
10: Strategies for Consulting Lecturers at Tertiary Institutions (Ratau John Monobe)
11: Supporting the Postgraduate Student at a Distance: A Personal Encounter (Kofi Poku Quan-Baffour)
12: The Relationship between the Postgraduate Supervisor and the Student
Aaron Ravhudzulo)
Part III: Changing Practices in ODL
13: Building Working Relationships between Professional Departments and College (Mariana Petersen- Waughtal)
14: Online Learning (Leonie Steyn)
15: Mobile Supported Language Learning (Maria Madiope)
16: The Impact of Technologies in Enhancing Teaching and Learning in Distance Education (Mpine Makoe)
17: Helping Students to Manage their Workload (Wendy Kilfoil)

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Author Biography

Annekie Nndowiseni Ravhudzulo, University of South Africa

Dr Annekie Ravhudzulo has authored several books, apart from her research and distance education support role at the University of South Africa.

Cover for Practical and Critical Issues in Open Distance Learning
June 24, 2015