Touched By Biko


Andile M-Afrika
Rhodes University


This is a political memoir of life in a rural South African township - with Andile M-Afrika weaving a creative narrative about events surrounding this country’s struggle history, where Steve Bantu Biko played a pivotal role. Andile M-Afrika’s memoir delves deep into his personal encounters with people, political events and day-to-day life in rural King Williamstown, Eastern Cape. What speaks volumes, are the pervasive echoes of Biko’s presence, on those who shared life in this historic village. M-Afrika’s insider’s account about the everyday turmoil of life in the village of struggle icon Steve Bantu Biko leaves readers with a vibrant, accurately drawn impression of events which flowed through the village. Author Andile M-Afrika lived just across the street from Biko, and takes us on a highly personal journey.

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Author Biography

Andile M-Afrika, Rhodes University

Andile M-Afrika was fortunate to grow up in the presence of the late Steve Biko, in the township of Ginsberg.

The author still resides in the Eastern Cape, South Africa and is completing postgraduate studies in Creative Writing at Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa.

Cover for Touched By Biko
June 30, 2017